“Twilight” Art Prints!

“Twilight” Art Prints!

High-quality prints of the paintings seen in the Cullen House are now coming available.

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"In Earth" • oil on canvas

‘Twilight’ works

“Twilight: Breaking Dawn” art collection

Several artworks by Greg were rented for the film “Twilight: Breaking Dawn“, the worldwide hit saga,
to be used as set decor in the “Cullen House”. Greg was contacted by set decorator David Schlesinger,
and worked with him on choosing nine pieces to match David’s unique vision for the project. The artwork
is visible in several scenes in “Breaking Dawn: Parts 1 & 2”. To see film stills where Greg’s work can be seen,
visit his Facebook page HERE . ART PRINTS of these works available HERE, or click SHOP in the menu above.

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The artworks are available for viewing and purchase. Please email Greg at cinematic33 [at] yahoo.com for inquiries.

Notable scenes where Greg’s work appears (“Breaking Dawn” Part 1):
Instilled1. When Edward and Bella drive off for their honeymoon after the wedding, “Instilled” and other works can be seen in the background behind the crowd, in the hallway outside of Carlisle’s study.


Emanations2. When Jacob is first brought into the house to see that Bella is pregnant, “Emanations” can be seen above the fireplace behind the actors in several shots.


In Earth3. When Edward is throwing away empty bags of blood in the kitchen, “In Earth” can be seen behind him on the dining room wall.


Three Figures - R4. When Jacob returns to the house later (to warn the Cullen’s), he climbs the main stairwell, and “Three Figures” can be seen through the glass.